Explaining “Traveling with Heart”

I wanted to give a little background as to why I chose the name Traveling With Heart for my blog. Defining what the words mean to me works best.

Traveling: to explore the world, the country, my neighborhood, my heart’s desires and fears. Going inside as well as outside. Exploring foreign places, ideas and the depths of my soul. Being open to new ideas and ways of living and thinking and being.

To visit new lands to better understand places, people, ideas and ways of life. Living to promote my personal growth and that of my son. Helping him grow and learn his place in the world, as a human being, as a soul on this planet, as a kid and as a wonderful, empathetic, energetic soul who will grow up to be a black man in America. Yes I will look at that too. How can I not, as a mother and as a white mother of a black son? As a person of privilege trying to better understand the lives of my black friends and of those who are white who don’t understand their privilege.

With heart: with passion, compassion, love, desire. Also with my physical heart so strong yet scarred by SCAD (www.scadresearch.org/about). At times with fear that something will fail again then with understanding that this may be true but that I choose not to let fear drive my life.

I am grateful for all who join me on my journey.



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