Two Weeks in the Algarve and on our way home

I can’t believe we are back in Lisbon, about to get on a very, very early plane to Stockholm tomorrow. Who booked the 7 am flight? Oh right, me. But before we leave Portugal, I thought I’d catch up on the two weeks we spent in the Algarve.

We spent one week in Lagos, staying at a place which was a bit less than advertised. As I said in a previous post, we had a studio which was of a nice size but a bit old feeling. When we were going to have to switch to a double room which felt two steps down from a Motel 6 and nearly brought me to tears, we moved hotels early. But, while we were there we were very near Praia Dona Ana which was an absolutely gorgeous beach with beautiful rock formations and thousands and thousands of shells. So many one could’t avoid walking on them.




We had more rain than I would have liked but the days that were sunny were glorious. Junior always found someone to play with and often I had nice conversations with either his new friend’s parents or others on the beach. We went into Lagos a couple of days but the old town wasn’t quite my thing. While the architecture was amazing, the town was geared toward tourists and mostly shops, which doesn’t interest me much. There was a merry go round which Junior rode each day.


We spent a day using a “train” for our transportation, which was pretty uncomfortable over the cobblestone streets but was a hit with Junior.


When we moved to Luz, I felt I found my favorite place in Portugal of those we had visited. It was small and not built up like Lagos.


It was overrun by Brits, so much that full English Breakfast was on all the menus and it was harder to find authentic Portugese food, though I finally managed to have some Cataplana…highly recommended.  The beach was large and was filled with British families whose kids were on school break. So lots of new friends were made by both of us.



I was able to convince Junior to join me in some early morning walks. Though this meant we were at the beach a bit too long on some days. But it was a lot of fun.

Overall, our time at Luz was my favorite part of the trip. From the smaller, slower town to the large beach filled with kids playing, to our nice hotel room with an indoor pool and gym, it provided us with a wonderful place in which to spend lots of quality time together.

Here’s to more travels with Junior!



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