Making the Right Decision

So I’m a little behind on my posts and I’m going to go out of order. We are currently staying in Luz, Portugal after moving from Lagos. I had hoped to stay in Lagos for 2 weeks before starting the trek back home but our lodging wasn’t what I wanted it to be. We had booked a double room at a fairly well reviewed “hotel” but I was able to upgrade to a studio without incurring an extra charge so that I would be able to cook meals. The studio was a nice size, but upon checking in there were multiple little things that added up to an unhappy mama. Luckily, the manager was very responsive and was able to make a couple of changes for me. The place was old and had a view of an abandoned building that supposedly the Soviets bought, gutted and left. It always felt a bit dirty and was damp enough that even dry, unused towels became damp. It came advertised as having a heated pool year round but that amounted to a solar cover on top. A bit disappointing.  I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t enjoying our stay there. While we had a beautiful, amazing beach to walk down to, the weather was quite rainy and windy at times, meaning we were stuck inside.

For our last two nights before moving to our new hotel in Luz (pictures looked nice and it had an indoor heated pool for those rainy days) we had to switch to the double room we had originally booked. I wasn’t looking forward to the move as I knew the room would be smaller and it meant an extra move for Junior, who was quite stressed with each move. i was shown the new room and almost broke down in tears. It was dark and dreary, with just enough room to walk around the bed and that was it. Oh, and it was suppose to rain for the next two days. I went back a second time and realized that we just couldn’t stay there. While there hadn’t been a vacancy the night before, one opened up that morning at our new hotel. I booked us an extra two nights, knowing that I was going to have to eat the 66 Euros I had paid for the hotel we were leaving.

I went and told the manager and asked, knowing he’d say no, if we could possibly have one of the two nights refunded. He started off on a story about his business and fees and I just let him talk and talk. He had a “business” proposition for me. If I would write a nice review for his hotel, provided, of course, that I enjoyed my stay, he would refund both nights’ fees. Well, of course i took the offer though I haven’t yet written that review.

So, I listened to my heart and did what was best for my son and me. We moved to a studio that is almost half the size of my house with a full kitchen, bathroom and ocean view. Oh, and a heated pool. Crazy thing is, this wonderful place is only 7 Euros more per night. We went directly to that pool while waiting for our room to be ready. Best decision I have made so far!


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