Off to Caiscais and out of the city

While Junior and I had had a fun day as mentioned in my last post, we were both feeling overwhelmed by the city, rain was in the forecast in a couple of days so it was time to go to the beach.  We had a nice, downhill walk to the train station, so downhill I knew we would be taking the tram back.

Walking to the metro station

                                                                    Walking to the metro station

We took the metro and then the commuter train to Caiscais where there was a nice, small, mellow beach within 5 minutes walking distance from the station. Getting there around 10 am, we practically had the beach to ourselves. By the end of the day, it was packed.

Nice, mellow, empty beach

                                                                 Nice, mellow, empty beach

It was nice to have Junior find some friends to play with, although they were limited by a language barrier. They were from Germany and knew a bit of English but they figured it out.

Making new friends

                                                                                 Making new friends

If you’re wondering why I’m writing multiple posts today, the weather isn’t like this at all. Came to Portugal for sun and beaches and we are getting intense rain and wind.


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