On our way to Portugal

We had a nice two days in Stockholm but it was ccccold. Did I tell you it was cold? When the clouds came in, three layers just wasn’t enough. It was for Junior as he was running around every chance he got, but mama, I was cold.

We spent a day in Old Town watching the changing of the guard and visiting the Armory.



And when I say a day I realize that a day traveling with a 5 year old means 3-4 hours of activity, max.  Yesterday we went to Skansen, a very large, wonderful park that has a children’s zoo, animals native to Scandinavia as well as buildings of the area. We saw maybe a third of it as there was an inside structure that was like a mini fort. And then there was the snake tunnel slide set on a hill that puts the Jack and Jill hill at Oakland’s Fairyland to shame.


Of the three hours we spent in Skansen, two of those were spent on the slide and hill. Junior needed a day to just be a kid. But this is why I got a cup of hot tea which was at least part of the reason I couldn’t sleep last night. We are now at the airport waiting for our flight which has been delayed an hour. Which is a little problematic as our layover in Frankfurt is 1.5 hours. As Junior reminds me, I can just use my breathing tool.

I’m writing this part after arriving in Portugal. And I’m adding it cause I need to laugh at myself and it’s one of those stories that’s funny….later. So we arrived in Frankfurt late and had to transfer to a bus to be taken to the terminal so we had 30 minutes until our plane departed. I asked Junior to be a super traveler and get ready to run and he was up to the task. Down two flights of stairs, through a hallway and then up an elevator and then running to get to A terminal. Now there are three different signs for A terminal based on the number and even checking the boards I had A24 in my head. So we start to run from A1 to A24. Except that it’s not there. I check the board and it’s actually A34. Now while some signs indicated that A34 was past A24 (obvious I know, however A50 was back the other way) I didn’t see the sign in that moment and it looked like the terminal ended at A26 as there was a blind sharp curve. So we ran back to A1, this time with Junior crying and screaming and me carrying him for a few feet at a time. I ask and find that  the gate is back from where we just came and we have to run back past A24 to A34 with Junior protesting even louder, me sweating carrying two bags and it’s 10 minutes before departure.  And we made it as the plane was running late. But Junior was mad for awhile and commented many times about how that wasn’t any fun. But wow was he a trouper. Although he protested and was screaming for me to stop and to stop running, he ran most of the way.  File that one under do not repeat.



  1. Kate Feibusch · October 13, 2015

    Sounds like you’re doing just great! You guys are going to be experts by the time you get back.

    For contrast, we are sweating and sweating some more in Guatemala — and having fun connecting with old friends and teaching a health worker course. Gosh I love doing this work! (OK, I don’t love the heat… If it weren’t for the heat….)

    Keep learning new things!!



  2. Cris · October 20, 2015

    Wow! What a story. I have a similar story of running in an airport with 3.5 year old Alijah while pregnant, carrying him on and off, for miles across Ohare, only to get to a flight that was delayed by an hour. Pooh! Your story is much more exciting. 🙂


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