Starting off in Sweden – The kindness of strangers

I definitely didn’t expect my AirBnb host to pick Junior and me up from the airport but that is exactly what he did. And he had toys for Junior to play with and he gave me his transit card to use for the weekend and he answered my endless questions. And then there was a kind stranger who saw my son start to have a meltdown (okay, maybe me too) as the authentic Swedish hot dog stand we’d found in desperation couldn’t change the large bill I obtained from the ATM and she reached into her wallet and along with her friend was able to change my bill.

Today’s destination was Vassa, a wonderful museum that has a four story war ship inside that is being continuously restored. The pictures of the ship I took didn’t turn out but there were some cool cannons to check out as well.


Over the course of the day we took buses, trains and trams. This morning we were both fairly awake, having been up since before 4am local time


At the end of the day, we both looked a bit different


We went shopping and I was happy to find that I could almost replicate Junior’s favorite meal from home only to have him nearly fall asleep at the table after 4 bites. Guess I’m glad we ate that hot dog.


One comment

  1. thenewdylan · October 9, 2015

    Enjoy Being! Great adventures! Thanks for posting. Pics of the both of you???


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