Excited and almost ready to go

So Junior and I are leaving tomorrow for Portugal via Stockholm. Random I know. There was a great deal on Norwegian Airlines from Oakland to Stockholm…that I missed…but it got me thinking. Where would I go in October if I could get to Europe for cheaper than it costs me to visit my Dad in Tucson (hi Dad!). I saw some pictures of Portugal and I was hooked. They have castles and trains and beaches. What more could my 5 year old want? For those of you wondering about “Junior,” I’m not sure I want to use my son’s name on something so public and Junior was what I called him before I knew who “he” was.

So we are off on the first of what I hope will be many travels. I am starting this blog as it seemed a good way to chronicle our travels and have something on which to look back. Plus I have to do something when I keep waking up at 3:30 in the morning! Please check back for updates. Any words of encouragement, suggestions of places to go  or just a quick Hello are welcome.


One comment

  1. Kate Feibusch · October 6, 2015

    Go girl! Good for you for following your dreams. We are excited for you.
    Kate, Toby and Caty


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